Who We Are

Our story...hmmm...well that's a bit of a tale. 

We're just two regular guys, Steve and Ty, that got tired of spending our cash on accessories that consistently fell apart. We're not professional photographers. We're parents, sports fanatics, concert goers, friends, adventurers and travelers, probably not too unlike yourself. We craved to use the best gear we could find in our everyday lives. Photos are important to us. They define us. They write our history, our memories. They permeate every inch of the lives we live. At Clovis Supply Co we wanted tools that we could rely on.

I know it’s a little weird to get this excited about a silly photography accessory, but when we decided to design the finest tabletop tripod made we ended up with something pretty darn special.

From using high-grade aluminum to a super-tough finish, we created our first little monster we affectionally refer to as the CS-50 (there’s gotta be a Star Wars reference in there somewhere).

You see, Stephen and I worked in the cell phone industry for far too long. We watched masses gobble up cheap and overpriced accessories only to bring them in a few days later irritated and short-tempered. Rightfully so.

We saw an opportunity.
We had a vision.
We hated our jobs.

So why not risk everything on a tripod? Cheap gear holding our $1,000 dollar camera can't aggravate just us, right? So our quest began. 

In 2015, we created a company that focused on what we call, lifestyle accessories. We were passionate about bringing the very best tools we could find to the mobile photography community. With our ever-expanding product line and devotion to quality, Clovis Supply became its own monster...or mammoth I should say. 

As a small, Carolinas based company, we keep things personal. We see every order that leaves our shop. We hand-pack every accessory. We even wrote this! It's a labor of love I guess. 

While we sincerely hope you fall in love with every accessory we offer, we also know we can’t please everyone. So if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, take advantage of that wonderful 100% Satisfaction Guarantee we offer and we’ll fix it or send you a full refund.

Hassle-free, just the way it should be.

It's time that a company stood behind their products as much as you trust them to hold your valuable gear. 

So get out there and snap some killer photos. Your social media feed depends on it. Peace.

Ty, Stephen, & the Clovis Crew